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Classes & Shows in Los Angeles

This list is not comprehensive. The Classes are classes I’ve either taken or heard very good things. If I’ve taken it, and you have any questions at all… ASK ME!

Also, vaguely related to classes and shows…! Go on, register your team, list shows you’re doing. A great way to represent yourself to the improv community outside the confines of your Facebook friends. (I linked to the LA site, but there’s subpages for NY, Chicago, Philly, and more. Sorry, no Austin)

Los Angeles Improv Classes 

  • The Miles Stroth Workshops - Featuring classes from Miles Stroth (The Family, Heather & Miles) himself, Heather Anne Campbell, Susan Messing, Colton Dunn, Eric Moneypenny, Emily Candini and many others. I’ve taken the Susan Messing, Miles Stroth, Eric Moneypenny, and Heather Campbell classes… they’re seriously, seriously great. Miles’ class will make you better overnight. By the time you finish with Moneypenny and Heather, you’ll be a sketch-writing machine.
  • Rebecca Drysdale - Never taken this one, but I hear it’s great.
  • UCB Theatre - duh
  • Billy Merritt’s Improv Workshop - Billy teaches a drop-in weekly improv workshop. He has a lot of great notes and he always gets an interesting group of people in his class, from newbies to vets, so I like to drop-in every once in awhile when I have the class itch. 
A comprehensive list of Los Angeles improv shows, thanks to the incomparable Ryan Hitchcock, plus a few highlights on the shows I go to all the time and I think are worthy of your time.
Los Angeles Improv Shows
  • Complete list of Los Angeles indie improv shows - Wiki started by Ryan Hitchcock
  • The Clubhouse’s Facebook page - If you’re in LA and you do indie improv, this is where you’ll do it and where you’ll see it and where you’ll hang out. 
  • The LA Indie Improv Festival - 2nd annual festival is in May. It’s the culmination of many great things in Los Angeles.
  • Wednesday Night Riot - I created this show. Every week, we have the One Night Stand, in which Miles Stroth improvises with a different veteran improviser, The Reddit WTF Show, and two guest teams. 
  • Camp! -  Excellent, excellent indie improv/variety show. Every Friday @ 11:30 at The Clubhouse. It’s crazy, it’s great, I’m there nearly every Friday night, just for fun.